How your donation impact lives

Imagine having the ability to succeed in an academic field, but not having the financial support to enter or complete college.

The goal of the Joseph & Elizabeth Quansah (JEQ) Foundation is to reach as many deserving students in Ghana as we can, to help them on their path to higher education and realize their potential. 

What Your donation Provides

Tuition scholarship

Funding for undergraduate tuition ($500 -$1,000 per year)

Funding for college application fees ($50 - $80 per year)


Housing Support

Full or partial support for housing/residential expenses ($300 per year)


Laptops (for selected recipients)

Student Support

Academic Advising




Graduate School Preparedness


Samuel Enyan

Senior, KNUST Economic Student

JEQ Foundation 2020 laptop Recipient

“The laptop JEQ provided helped me put in extra work crunching numbers for my data project. I got a better grade!”

Educational Costs by the Numbers

Application Fees



per year


per year



When You Give, 
You Make a Real Impact

Your donation is life-changing for these students and their families. College graduates in Ghana can earn as much as five times more than their peers without degrees.

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Don’t Delay, Give Today

These bright and hard-working young people will need your help to complete their educational objectives. Beyond this pilot group, as awareness of the program has grown in Ghana, so has the demand. Your donations build the capacity to serve many more aspiring students.