Student Community Outreach
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Please meet Hildagard M. Musa doing her community service in Shama Ghana.

Hildagard is our 2020 scholarship recipient. Not only did she teach the students, Hildagard gave back. This is her story:

giving back to my society (Community Service) I visited two schools in my community i.e Shama Junction.



The activity was educating them on some basic SAFETY RULES in school and at home.

I also gave out:

  • 80 customized notepads

  • 100 pieces of pens

  • Drinks

  • Biscuits


It was a nice experience. Aside from the educative part, it was also fun and I wish to do much more and even bigger 😊Thank you

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Philip Nii Nortey, JEQ Foundation's 2020 scholarship recipient

"Philip Nii Nortey, JEQ Foundation's 2020 scholarship recipient performed his Community Service at Effia Methodist Junior High School, in the Western Region of Ghana. He taught the public school students in his community and organized an entrepreneurial seminar where he  spoke to the students on the need to acquire an entrepreneurial skill. Philip also taught the students how to make parazone for cleaning purposes"


Kudjoe Manfred and his community volunteer service in Tamale, Northern Region about the Monkeypox outbreak. 

As part of my community volunteer service I embarked on an outreach program in Tamale, Northern Region about the recent Monkey pox outbreak. 

I chose Monkey pox as the topic of interest because just like it was for the novel COVID 19 pandemic, cases of monkey pox are increasing at an alarming rate in countries worldwide, including Ghana. Unlike COVID 19 however, public awareness and knowledge on the Monkey pox disease is very low. The World Health Organization has declared Monkey pox a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. I therefore put it to myself to educate the public as far as I can on important facts about the Monkey pox disease and how they can stay protected from it.

I began the outreach this week, on 11th of August 2022, starting from schools (JHS 3 students especially). Unfortunately most of the schools are on vacation so I could get to only one school ( Happy Home International School). I plan to extend the outreach to other class of people and also to other schools when they resume.


This is a link to the excerpt I carefully researched and compiled myself on the Monkey pox disease on which I based my presentation. I plan to share it to others who will also be in need of it. There was some background noise and few glitches at some points in the video but I hope it is okay.

It is my hope that this outreach and others I have in mind will have a good impact on the students and the general public. Thank you.

Kudjoe Manfred