Scholarships are for only undergraduate students in Ghana.


All applicants must meet all the criteria below before submitting an application for a scholarship.

Do not apply if you do not meet any of the requirements listed below.

Academic excellent criteria:

  • A student who has already enrolled in a college and or university with at least a CGPA of 3.3.

  • A student who has graduated from Senior High School (SHS) in Ghana and has obtained an official acceptance letter to an accredited college and or a university in Ghana.

  • SHS graduate must have at least 4As and 4Bs from the WAEC examination.

  • SHS graduate should have  an acceptance letter to a college and or university before applying. Do not apply if you do not have an acceptance letter to a college and or university in Ghana.


Need-based criteria:

  • A student whose parents combined monthly income is less than 600ghc ($102) and a student with single parent making a monthly income of less than 400ghc ($68) in Ghana meet this criterion.


Pay It Forward

Condition for Receiving Scholarship

After obtaining employment, each recipient must “pay it forward” by funding or supporting another aspiring Ghanaian college student through the JEQ Foundation. The rising student cannot be a family member.