About Ghana, West Africa

Basic history and facts:

  • Formerly known as Gold Coast

  • Colonized by the British

  • Independence: March 6, 1957

  • Capital: Accra

  • Regions: 16 (similar to the U.S. States)

  • Population: Over 29 million (World Bank, 2018)

  • First President: Kwame Nkrumah

  • Official language: English

Educational system​:

  • Six (6) years of primary education. Primary education comprises of Elementary and Middle school

  • Three (3) years of Junior High School (JHS)

  • Three (3) years of Senior High School (SHS, Similar to U.S. Senior  High)

  • Four (4) years of a College or a University. 

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Four Challenges for Needy Students in Ghana


Cost of tuition and housing:


With monthly incomes as low as $85 for those without a college degree, many families with low socioeconomic status cannot fund their children’s higher education.


Disparities in access to education between rural and urban regions:


Students may have to travel hundreds of miles from their homes and support systems to obtain a college education.


Limited access to federal/government and private student loans:

Students and their families are unable to get student loans because they lack formal employment required to secure them.


Lack of educational materials, learning supplies, and technology resources:

Even the most basic laptop is beyond reach for many students.