2021 application is now closed.

Reading and understanding of the instructions are part of the evaluation processing.

Scholarships are for only undergraduate students in Ghana.


Academic excellent criteria:

  • A student who has already enrolled in a college and or university with at least a CGPA of 3.3.

  • A student who has graduated from Senior High School (SHS) in Ghana and has obtained an official admission letter to an accredited college and or a university.

  • SHS must have at least 4As and 4Bs from the WAEC examination.

  • University Academic documents:

    • Submit admission letter, transcript, tuition sheet and housing/hostel fee on an official university letterhead and housing official letterhead for authenticity.

    •  Personal essay

    • Recommendation letters: Three (3) recommendation letters: Two (2) recommendations from college and or university, and one (1) from a friend or a family.


Need-based criteria:

  • A student whose parents combined monthly income is less than 600ghc ($102) and a student with single parent making a monthly income of less than 400ghc ($68) in Ghana meet this criterion.

  • Parent/guardian Information: Parent and or guardian financial information such as SNNIT, bank account and or pension document if applicable, and pictures for traders and farmers etc.

  • All required materials must be submitted together with the application form to . Failure to submit a complete application package will lead to the rejection of the applicant's application.

  • Finalists will be contacted on announced date,  for the next step of the application process.


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